Jutta Willeke und



Here’ some music examples to listen live recorded in Bad Bevensen Stadtfest,  July 2011

This time we recorded 16 Life Tracks and tried mixing them a little bit afterwards.

So we hope qualitiy is a little bit better than before….. and we also got some video-tracks this time, but the work on this isn't yet finished….. A litlle preview you can see under following Link : Video Stadtfest Bevensen 2011

          Try to get to one of our Gigs, and you probably will shake your legs and dance a lot, having a nice eveving and a lot of fun with our music....that’s like it works......

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of course you won’t, some features of this site don’t work  !!

Interested to have our band in your own location or on a party you will create.... ??.........mailto :


Please be sure that you and your guest’s will be happy with our kind of music, cause we won’t play any kind of  styles we call :

“Quick marching music”  or simply just  “Schweinemucke” !!